Summary of terms and conditions of rental car hire

Rental Conditions
Drivers must be over 21 years of age and able to produce a valid full NZ or International drivers licence they have held for 12 months.  We also accept US, Australian, Canadian, United Kingdom and European Licences.  Cars and vans are not to be driven above snow line, on gravel roads, on the beach or off road.  The insurance deductible/excess is required as a deposit when hiring a vehicle, this is payable by credit card imprint or cash.

Rental Duration
One hire day is 24 hours.  There are no refunds for hires shorter than time agreed to on contract.

Once booking is confirmed, a  $100 deposit is required during peak seasons.  We reserve the right to charge you three days if you do not “show”.

Payment Options
Electronic Internet bank transfer preferred.
Credit/Debit card (5% fee applies)

Full terms and conditions are set out on the back of all hire agreements.